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October 03, 2019

Top 5 Professinal Clean Blogger Templates 2019 > Free Download

Professinal Clean Blogger Templates
 Professional Clean Blogger Templates
Hello, our fans of this website. I hope you are feeling well and fine today. In this article, we are going to list Top 5 Professional Clean blogger Templates Free Download just read this post till the end.

Blogger is the best platform and free for creating a blog. If you are a beginner and you are ready to start own blog just visit blogger with your Gmail account and build your website today.

Maybe you have spent too much time finding Clean Blogger Templates Free Download for your blog. If you are reading this post now you got lucky. Because we have found professional blogger templates for your blog website then they are totally free.

To have a professional blogger website you need to use a premium or free responsive blogger template on your blog that offers a smooth and easy design, readily customizable, pleasant for SEO prepared and responsive layout ads, etc.

In this post, you would see Top 5 professional Blogger Templates links to download and Demo links. You can use that links to download or view Blogger Templates of your choice.

Here Are List Of Top 5 Professional Blogger Templates 2019 > Free Download And Thier Downloading Links And Demo

(1) Urban Mag Blogger Template

Professinal Clean Blogger Templates

UrbanMag is a free blogger template that has amazing design and great features. This template is compatible with blog news or magazine, newspapers, viral blogs,  blogging power, website recommendations. etc.

Urban Features

  • SEO ready
  • Responsive
  • Simple and Clean
  • Free customizable blogger template
  • Watsapp sharing
  • Ads ready
  • Dropdown menus
  • 3 column footer
  • Right sidebar
  • browser compatibility
  • Mobile-Friendly Blogger Template
Demo Link        Download Link

(2) Travel Blogger Template

Travel clean blogger template is a theme for travel blogs. It's simple and easy template for any blog, You can use this template for such as these blogs: Food blog, Lifestyle Blog, Photo Blog, Cake Blog, Travel Blog, parents - Moms Blog, Person Blog, Yoga Blog, Fashion Blog, Car Blog, Tech Blog, and many more, etc.

Travel Features

  • 100% SEO ready and responsive
  • Fast loading speed
  • Multiple dropdowns
  • Google validation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Related post
  • Custom popular post widget
  • 2 Feature widget
  • Stylish social share

Demo Link          Download Link

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(3) Top Magazine Blogger Template

Professinal Clean Blogger Templates

Top Magazine is a free blogger template and premium. This template based on blog news but you can use it on many niche blogging such as Tech Blog, Movie Downloading Blog, Personal Blog, Technology Blog or any niche blogging top magazine template that will work for any blog you own. Top Magazine Blogger Template has many amazing features which any blogger will like it. Then this template has mixture colors like - Yellow, Blue, Black, and White.

Top Magazine Features

  • Page navigation menu
  • 3 column footer
  • Slideshow
  • Ads ready
  • fast loading
  • Dropdown menu
  • SEO ready
  • Watsapp sharing
  • Post thumbnails
  • Clan layout
  • Responsive
  • Social bookmark ready

Demo Link       Download Link

(4) Perfect Mag News Blogger Template

Professinal Clean Blogger Templates

Perfect Mag News is a free and premium responsive blogger template for any blogs. This template suitable for News, Magazine, Portfolio, Newspaper, Photography, Corporate, Bussiness, and many blogger websites.

Perfect Mag News Features

  • Responsive
  • Social Bookmark ready
  • Tabbed widget ready
  • Page navigation menu
  • 3 column footer
  • Slideshow
  • Ads ready
  • Fast loading
  • Dropdown menu
  • Stylish
  • Elegant
  • 2 Right sidebars

Demo Link             Download Link

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(5) Master Blogger Template

Haster is a free blogger template that is finest suited to news, newspapers. magazines, or reviews sites. Loading is very fast and perfect for blogs or magazines. This template has been tested to guarantee that it is customized to smartphones and devices.

This template is ready for SEO and offers an excellent forum for your blog to reach super high search engine ratings.

Haster Template Features

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Related post
  • Custom popular post widget
  • 2 Featured Widget
  • 100% Responsive
  • Fast loading speed
  • Featured post
  • Minimal and clean design
  • Customizable comment widget

Demo Link      Download Link

These Top 5 Professional Blogger Templates any webmaster can use them on blogger blogs to make your website great and easy for view. They have good design and fast loading in SEO ( search engine optimizing ). Than Google Adsense like kind of these templates because they have easy navigation and good standing in blogging.

This is the end of this article Top 5 Professional Blogger Templates 2019 > Free Download we hope you would like this post and pick one of these Blogger Templates and use it in your blog.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019

September 19, 2019

Airtel Garabasa: Yadda Zaka Samu Kyautar 4.6GB Da N200 23GB Da N1000

Airtel Garabasa: Yadda Zaka Samu 4.6GB Da N200 23GB Da N1000

Ina masu amfani da layin Airtel musamman masu yin browsing?  to yau munzo muku da wani albishir wanda insha Allah zakuyi farin ciki idan kukaji wannan labari. 

Kamfanin kiran waya na Airtel yasha kawowa mutane garabasa masu sauki a wajen sayen data, Sai dai wannan garabasa wanda zamu nuna muku tasha bambam da sauran na baya domin ita wannan baka bukatar kashe kudi domin samunta. 

Idan Kana biye dani zan nuna maka yadda zaka samu wannan garabasa akan layinka na Airtel domin bakowane layine yake samun wannan dama ba. 

Idan kana so kasamu wannan garabasa dole sai kana da Airtel 4G wanda yakai wata 3 (Three Months) dayin Register kuma kada yawuce wata 3 idan yawuce haka baza kasamu wannan garabasa ba.

Wato abin danake nufi shine layin Airtel 4G da akayi Register daga Wata 2 zuwa 3 shine zai samu wannan garabasa, Ina fatan kungane. 

Domin sanin kwanakin Register na layin Airtel zaka iya danna *746# akan wayarka zaka samu sako mai dauke da kwana da shekarar Register na layin Airtel, Idan layinka yakai yadda nafada abaya to zaka samu wannan dama. 

Yadda Zaka Samu Kyautar 4.6GB Da N200 23GB Da N1000 Alayin Airtel

Domin samun wannan garabasa katabbatar kasaka katin N200 akan layinka na Airtel ( Banda Transfer ) da wannan Code *126*pin# katin yana shiga zaka samu Kyautar 4.6GB batare da antaba maka N200 daka sakaba.

Idan kuma kana son samun 23GB sai kasaka katin N1000 ( Banda Transfer ) akan layinka na Airtel da Code *126*pin# yana shiga zaka samu Kyautar 23GB kuma baza adauke N1000 daka sakaba.

Da wannan garabasa zaka iya tara sama da 100GB idan kaga dama,  Abin daza kayi kawai shine kamaimaita saka katin aduk lokacin daka saka zaka samu Kyautar Data.

Zaka iya duba data balance idan kadanna *140# kokuma *223# nantake zaka gani.

Wannan shine karshen wannan bayani muna fatan zaku samu wannan garabasa, Idan kunji dadin wannan post kutarashi zuwa wani guri,  Mungode.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

September 15, 2019

Viral Go Responsible Premium Blogger Template > Free Download

Viral go premium template blogger
Viral Go Premium Template

Viral Go Blogger Template is a theme a simple and cool designs and extremely customizable layout, awesome features like different blog layouts and parallax effect in single posts, 

Viral Go Template Blogger is published on Arlina designes for free and premium version. The free one has non removal template credit footer link. But today am going to show you something with big surprise.

In this post I will share with you free link to download Viral Go Template Blogger for no cost and you can use it on blogger blog for your internet business.

Viral Go Template Blogger Features

  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Dynamic Heading
  • Personal Heading
  • 2 Column Style
  • Personal Blog
  • 3 Column Footer
  • Google Friendly
  • Custom Threaded Comment
  • Responsive Ad Slot
  • Light Base Theme Color
  • Minimalist
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Top Navigation
  • Responsive Drop Down Menu
  • Related Posts With Thumb
  • Search Box
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Smooth Scroll Back To Top
  • Custom Subscribe Box Widget
  • Custom Contact Form Widget
  • Multi Author Box
  • Custom Site Map Widget
  • Well Documentation

Viral Go Template Blogger Details:

Name: Viral Go

Author: Namina

Website: Arlina

With Viral Go Blogger Template you can make your blog looks like Wordpress Site and fast loading for Search Engine Optimizing ( SEO ) then anytime you released new blog post it will be fast indexed instantly.

Like I said at first I will show you something with big surprise that is you can download Viral Go Template Blogger premium for free it means without Footer Credit Link just use these two links blow👇

Viral Go Template Blogger Live Preview Demo

Viral Go Blogger Template Link Download

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Sunday, 8 September 2019

September 08, 2019

Airtel Special Data Offer: Yadda Zaka Samu 1GB A N200 4GB A N1000

Yadda Zaka Samu 1GB A N200 4GB A N1000
Airtel Special Data Offer

Cikin hanyoyi damuke kawo na samun sauki sayen data aduk layin kiran waya dake fadin Nigeria, Kamar kullum yauma munzo muku da wata garabasa ga masu amfani da layin Airtel. Zaka Iya Samun 1GB A N200 4GB A N1000

Abaya mun kawo muku garabasa mai kama da wannan amma ga masu amfani da layin MTN wato MTN Welcome Back Offer yadda mukuyi bayani akan yadda zaka iya amfani da Data mai yawa cikin farashi kankani yaukuma wannan garabasa masu Airtel sune zasu more da ita.

Kamar dai MTN Welcome Back Offer haka wannan tsari na Airtel yake, Wato idan kana so kasamu wannan garabasa dole sai layinka na Airtel yakai kwana 30 bakayi amfani dashi ba. 

Layin dayakai kwana 30 (talatin) akan waya amma ba ayi kira ko sayen data dashi ba shima zai iya more wannan garabasa. Wannan garabasa kamafanin Airtel yakawo tane saboda yadawo da layukan da aka daina amfani dasu. 

Jerin Garabasar Airtel Welcome Back Offer 

  • 1 N100 - 200MB - 3 Days
  • 2 N200 - 1GB - 7 Days
  • 3 N500 - 2GB - 14 Days
  • 4 N1000 - 4GB - 30 Days

Zaka iya shiga lambar dakake so domin sayen Data, Idan layinka baya cikin wanda zasu more wannan garabasa zaka samu wannan sakon👇

Dear Customer, you are not eligible to buy this data bundle. Please dial *141# to activate another data bundle.

Yadda Zaka Sayi Airtel Welcome Back Offer

Idan kana son sayen wannan data zaka iya amfani da wadannan lambobi *141*241# natake zaka shiga yadda zaka saya.

Kukasance da HausaTechs.Com domin samun abubuwa masu matukar amfani zaku iya Join da shafinmu na Facebook Click Here kokuma ta Watsapp 07066870719, Mungode.

Monday, 26 August 2019

August 26, 2019

Data Reseller - Yadda Ake Kasuwancin Data A Internet > VTU Recharge Card

Data Reseller - Yadda Ake Kasuwancin Data A Internet > VTU Recharge Card

Nasan kunsha ganin post din dayawa a Facebook, Watsapp, Twitter  ko Instagram,  Yadda zaka saro Data daga wani kamfani kasayar domin samun riba.

Wannan kasuwanci babu shakka A wajen samun kudi dakuma babbar riba, Wanda yau darasinmu shine akan Yadda ake kasuwancin data a internet ko VTU recharge card.

Menene Data Reseller? 

Idan zanfada maka atakaice data reseller yana nufin Mai Tallan Data, Wato akwai manyan website dasuke sayar da data akan farashin sari  masu yi musu Talla susamu wani abu.

Wadannan website suma suna samo Data daga ainihin babban kamfanin kiran waya ne kamar MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile domin susamu riba, Saidai su suna samun Data ko MB cikin farashi kankani wanda kaikuma zasu baka Talla aciki kaima zaka samu rabonka.

Wacce Riba Ake Samu A Data Reseller? 

Yadanganta da yadda kaga zaka iya sayarwa domin  zaka iya samun N100 aduk 1GB daka sayar, Idan kasayar da 5GB kasamu N500 Wani lokacin har sama dahaka domin su zasu baka a farashin sarin NE kaikuma sai yadda kaga dama zaka sayar da ita.

Acikin wannan post zan nuna maka yadda zaka shiga wannan kasuwanci da yadda zaka sayar da Data domin samun babban kudi, Domin wannan bayani yanada Muhimmanci sosai saboda wasu sai kabasu kudi dasu bude maka wannan sirrin amma kai yau zan gaya maka Kyauta.

Ina so kasan cewa wannan Business ana samun kudi dashi sosai a internet domin akwai masu samun N50000 cikin kwana 30 (Wata Daya) wasu sama da haka,  Kuma kasuwanci ne wanda ko baka da Website Ko Blog zaka iya yinsa.

Abubuwan Dazaka Bukata Kafin Kafara Data Reseller

  • Laptop or Android Phone
  • Your Payment Option ( ATM or Mobile Banking)
  • Data Reseller Pack
  • Money To Start Business

Idan kana bukatar fara wannan kasuwanci zaka mallaki Laptop ko Wayar Android kuma dole kasamu layi mai Data ko MB domin ana wannan Business Online ne, Zakuma katanadi kudi wanda kake son farawa dashi (Zaka Iya Farawa Da N1000). Sannan zaka nemi ATM Card domin sayan Data daga wadancan kamfani dana fada abaya.

Zaka sayi Data Reseller Pack a wajesu domin kafara sayarwa,  Wato zaka saka kudi a Wallet dinka zaka sayi Data Pack kamar 2GB, 5GB, 10GB dadai sauransu idan kasayar sai kasamu riba.

Akwai website dayawa dasuke sayar da Data Reseller Pack amma yanzu zamuyi amfani da SUB9JA wanda yayi fice sosai wajen wannan kasuwanci, Kuma anjima ana amfani dashi wanda hakan  yake nuna cewa lallai Sub9ja suna da inganci wajen Data Reseller Pack.

Duba Wannan>> Yadda Zaka Samu Kyautar 500MB Alayin MTN

Yadda Zakayi Register A Sub9ja Domin Data Reseller

Kashiga wannan Address din Click Here To Register  zaka samu kanka a sub9ja website inda zaka saka abubuwan da ake bukata domin yin register.

Idan kashiga wannan guri zaka samu inda zaka saka Details dinka domin yin Register kamar sunanka da sunan mahaifi, Email Address, Password,  dadai sauransu gashi anan

Idan kagama saka details dinka aqarshe zaka samu inda aka rubuta  Check Box To Agree To Terms kataba gurin sannan sai kadanna Register  shikenan kabude Sub9ja Account.

Tunda kayi register yanzu zaka samu kanka a Sub9ja Dashboard sai kadanna inda nanuna da arrow kamar haka 

Idan kadanna inda nanuna maka asama zaka samu jerin abubuwa daza kayi a wannan website sune :-

Fund Wallet 
Airtime to cash
Data Bundle
Cable TV 

Da Sauransu ga jerin wadannan abubuwa a wannan Photo dake kasa

Ana amfani da Message domin tura sakonni masu yawa a lokaci guda (Bulk SMS). 

Zaka shiga Fund Wallet domin saka kudi a wallet dinka na sub9ja wanda dashi zaka dinga sayen data domin sayarwa dakuma sauran abubuwa.

Zaka shiga Airtime to cash idan kana bukatar canja airtime zuwa kudi, Wato idan kana da airtime a wayarka dakake son sayarwa zaka iya turawa sub9ja su kuma zasu tura maka zuwa Account Bank dinka amma zasu cire wani abu daga ciki.

Zaka shiga Data Bundle idan kana bukatar turawa wani Data (Sayarwa) amma katabatar kasaka kudi a wallet dinka kafin sayar da Data.

Ana amfani da Education domin biyan kudin makaranta kamar Neco, JAM da sauransu,  Sannan idan kana so kabiya kudin wutar lantarki online (Nepa Bill) zaka iya shiga Electricity dakuma sauran abubuwa da Sub9ja yakunsa, Wanda ba lallai sai munyi bayani akansu ba tunda muna magana akan Yadda Ake Kasuwancin  Data Reseller.

Yadda Zaka Saka Kudi A Sub9ja Wallet Domin Yin Data Reseller

Idan kana bukatar saka kudi a wallet dinka zaka shiga inda nanuna abaya wato Fund Wallet zakaga wani shafi kamar wannan

Anan zaka saka adadin kudin dakake son sakawa a wallet dinka,  Gashi nayi misali da 2000 sai kadanna inda aka rubuta Select Payment Method zakaga wannan shafin

Sai kazabi inda akace Pay with Debit Card(Flutterwave)  idan kashiga wannan gurin sai kadanna Pay zakaga wannan shafin

A wannan shafi zaka saka ATM Card details shine inda aka rubuta Card Number sai saka Lambobi 16 na ATM dinka (zaka gansu ajikin ATM) inda aka saka VALID TILL sai kasaka Expire Date na ATM dinka (zaka gansu ajinkin ATM) inda akace CVV zaka saka wasu lambobi 3 (suna bayan ATM)  sai kadanna Pay NGN2,028 wato zasu cire N28 na Transaction N2000 kuma zasu saka maka a wallet dinka.

Wannan kudi daka saka a wallet dasu zaka dinga sayen data kana turawa mutane,  Wato duk lokacin da wani zai sayi data daga gurinka zaka tura masa su kuma zasu cire adadin kudin datan daga cikin wallet dinka.

Yadda Zaka Sayar Da Data Daga Sub9ja Zuwa Kowane Layi Dake Nigeria

Abaya nanuna abubuwan da wannan website yakunsa aciki akwai data bundle, Yanzu sai kashiga inda aka rubuta data bundle sannan kashiga Buy Databundle gashi kamar haka

Idan kashiga buy databundle zai kaika inda zaka saka number daza katurawa data, Sannan kazabi layin dazaka aikawa datan da kuma adadin dakake son turawa gashi anan

Kamar yadda kagani a photo dake sama gurin Phone No nasaka MTN Number  gurin Data Network nasaka MTN NETWORK gurin Data Bundle nasaka MTN - 1GB - N453 idan kadanna Buy Data zasu turawa wannan lamba sannan sucire N453 daga cikin wallet dinka.

Haka abin yake aduk data daka sayarwa wani, Kamar yadda kagani asama zasu baka 1GB a N453 kaikuma zaka iya sayar dashi N500, N550 har zuwa N600 sai yadda Kake so zaka sayar. Sannan duk layin daka zaba wajen turawa data zasu nuna maka adadin farashin datan na wannan layi, Don haka zaka iya ganin farashin daban daban.

Sannan Zaka iya sayar da VTU idan kashiga inda aka rubuta VTU/Recharge shima zaka samu wani kaso idan katurawa wani amma baikai Data riba ba.

Abin Lura: Shine idan kana da kudi a wallet dinka zaka iya duk wani abu dakake so a Sbu9ja ba sai iya sayen data ba, Kamar yadda nafada abaya zaka iya biyan kudin makaranta da kuma zaka sayen VTU daga wannan website da sauran abubuwa.

Iyakar abin dazan kawo muku kenan akan Yadda Ake Kasuwancin A Internet Data > VTU Recharge Card ina fatan wannan rubutu zai amfaneku kuma Don Allah kuyi share zuwa wasu gurare domin wasu suma su qaru.

Zaku Iya Join Da Shafin HausaTechs.Com Dake Facebook Click Here Kokuma Idan Kuna Da Tambaya Zaku Iya Magana Damu Ko Watsapp Da 07066870719, Mungode.

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Saturday, 17 August 2019

August 17, 2019

Glo Oga Sim: Yadda Zaka Samu 3.6GB + 3500 Airtime Bonus A N1000 Tsawon Kwana 30

Glo Oga Sim: Yadda Zaka Samu 3.6GB + 3500 Airtime Bonus A N1000 Tsawon Kwana 30

Masu amfani da layin Glo a wannan shekara suna more garabasa Data sosai, Acikin irin hanyoyi masu sauki na sayen Data da muke kawo muku yauma munzo da wata sabuwa. Yadda Masu amfani da Glo Zasu More 3.6GB Da 3500 Airtime A N1000 Har Tsawon Kwana 30.

Wannan tsari na Glo sunansa OGA SIM,  Kuma ana iya kiransa da Glo Yakata wata garabasa ce Kamfanin Glo yakawowa masu amfani dashi musamman waje yin Browsing.

Wannan tsari yana bada Bonus kaso %125 ga duk wanda yasayi data da sabon layin Glo wato oga Sim, sannan yana bada bonus na airtime a duk katin kiran waya daka saka daga N100 zuwa sama.

Yadda Ake Shiga Tsarin Glo Oga SIM 

Domin shiga tsarin oga sim baka bukatar bata lokaci kawai kaje kasayo sabon layin Glo kayi register, Duk sabon layin Glo yana zuwa da wannan garabasa. Amma zaka iya amfani da tsohon layin Glo domin more wannan dama.
Idan kana bukatar shiga tsarin Glo Oga SIM ko ince Glo Yakata da tsohon layin Glo zaka iya danna *220# nan take zaka shiga wannan tsari.

Yadda Zaka Samu 3.6GB Da 3500 Airtime Bonus A N1000

Domin samun wannan dama zaka saka  katin N1000 alayinka na Glo,  Idan kasaka wannan kati zaka samu N3500 Airtime Bonus. Domin duba wannan bonus zaka iya danna *220*1# zaka gani.

Duba Wannan>> Glo Amebo: Yadda Zaka Saka N100 Kasamu N500

Daga nana sai kadanna *127*53# Glo zai janye N1000 zaka samu 2GB da kuma 1.6GB Bonus idan kahada zaizama 3.6GB A N1000. Zaka iya duba Data balance dinka idan kadanna *127*0# nan take zaka gani.

Zaku Iya Join Da Shafin HausaTechs.Com Na Facebook Click Here Domin Samun Abubuwa Masu Matukar Amfani Mungode.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

August 15, 2019

Yadda Zaka Bude Template Daga Zip File Cikin Sauki

Yadda Zaka Bude Template Daga Zip File Cikin Sauki

Abaya munyi post akan yadda ake bude kowane blogger templates daga zip file, Amma wasu daga cikin masu bibiyar wannan shafi sunyi korafi cewa har yanzu basu samu hanya mai kyau daza subude template daga Zip File ba.

Wannan dalili yasa muka nemo muku wata hanya mai sauki daza kubude kowane Template daga Zip File, Wannan hanya daza mukawo yanzu tana da sauki sosai domin baka bukatar yin Sign Up domin bude template daga zip. Dazarar kayi downlaod nawani application dazamu saka kana budeshi to kamar kabude zip file ne.

Yadda Ake Bude Template Daga Zip File Da Rar Application

Dafarko katabbatar kayi download wannan App wato wanda dashi zamuyi amfani yanzu,  Download Rar Here
Zaka Iya Download Kaistaye A Play Store Download Here

Duba Wannan >> Kyawawan Templates 5 Dazaka Dora A Blogger Free Download

Bayan kayi download sai kasaukeshi akan wayarka, Sannan kabudeshi sai kanemo inda kasauke Template dakayi download. Tunda yawanci ana amfani Download Folder amatsayin wajen sauke abubuwa A Android, Idan Kabudeshi Sai kanemo Download folder kamar haka:

Bayan kasami download folder sai kashiga ciki idan kashiga sai kanemo sunan Template din daka dauko gashi misali Creame Free

Zakaga nayi wata alama kamar akan sunan Cream Free Version katabbatar kayi hakan, Yanzu sai kadanna wani guri dana zagaye acan Sama kana tabashi zakaga wannan shafin:

Acikin wannan shafin zaka danna  Inda nazagaye wato OK Shikenan kayi Extract din template dinka wato kabudeshi daga Zip. Wanda zakaga wani shafi yabude maka mai dauke da ainihin Template dinka

Inda aka rubuta Cream Free Version.xml shine Template wanda zaka iya dorawa akan blogger,

Muna fatan wannan post Yadda Zaka Bude Template Daga Zip File Cikin Sauki zaiyi maganin duk wato matsala dakuke fuskanta wajen bude template daga zip.

Zaku Iya Join Da Hausatechs.Com Facebook Page Click Here Domin Samun Abubuwa Masu Matukar Amfani, Sannan Zaku Iya Tura Mana Sakon Watsapp 07066870719 Mungode. 

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

August 13, 2019

Blogger Templates: Kyawawan Templates 5 Dazaka Dora A Blogger Free Download

Blogger Templates: Kyawawan Templates 10 Dazaka Dora A Blogger Free Download

Kamar kullum yauma munzo da wani babban albishir ga masu sha'awar bude blog a blogger akan yadda zasu kayata blog dinsu, Shine mun Nemo Blogger Templates 5 wanda zaku iya dorawa a blog dinku kuma kyautane.

Watakila baka duba posts dinmu nabayaba akan Yadda Ake Bude Blog Ko Website A Blogger idan kashiga wannan sashin zaka samu duk post din damukayi akan yadda ake kirkirar website a blogger.

Menene Template ?

Atakaice template kamar shiryayyen designed NE da ake yinsa domin blog ko website ma'ana yadda website zai kasance tsari da yanayin kalarsa duk alhakin template NE, Bugu da Kari hatta wajen SEO Template NE yake juya wannan layin.

Idan zanfada da kalma daya sai nace Template shine SARKI a blog ko website dayake jan ragamar kwalliya da kuma ingancinsa, Domin yanayin yadda template dinka yake haka yadda website dinka zai kayatu dakuma saurin samunka A Google Search.

Abu mai muhimmanci daya kamata kasani shine ana shirya Template daga Code ne,  Don haka yanayin yadda kasan Coding haka yadda blog dinka zai kayatu dakuma inganci wajen Search Engine Optimizing.

Don haka template yake da babban amfani a website ko blog domin akwai template din da ake sayar dashi  $50 kusan (N15000) saboda karfin aikinsa a blogger. Amma kada karazana wadanda zannuna maka yanzu zaka iya Download Kyauta batare daka kashe naira ba.

Duba Wannan>> Yadda Zaka Dora Template A Blogger

Kuma wadannan Templates daza mukawo zasu baku damar saurin samun Adsense Approval cikin sauki domin gabadayansu suna da tsarin da Google Adsense yakeso wajen Blog Designed.

Kyawawan Blogger Templates Guda 5 Dazaka Iya Download Kyauta

Creame Blogger Template 

Creame wani template ne na blogger wanda muke ganin yakamata mufara gabatar muku dashi domin yana dakyau kuma yana da inganci wajen SEO wannan template mallakar wani website NE Way2Themes da suka shahara wajen Free Templates da Premium Templates.

Zaka iya shiga domin duba design din wannan template idan yayi maka sai kayi download.

Duba Creame Template

Download Free Creame Template.

Haster Blogger Template 

Haster shima template ne mai inganci kamar wanda muka kawo da farko sai dai suna da banbanci wajen tsarinsu idan kukayi download zaku iya tantace wanda yafi burgeku, shima wannan template mallakar Way2Themes website ne.

Zaku iya download ko duba Haster Template da wadannan links dake kasa.

Duba Free Haster Template

Download Free Haster Template

Duba Wannan>> Yadda Zaka Bude Page A Blogger

Lyricist Blogger Template 

Ga wani mai kyau musamman saboda masu Music Blog wannan template yana da inganci sosai idan kana da website dakake sauke wakoki kokuma duk blog din dakayi niyya zaka iya dora, Wannan template mallakar wani website ne Soratemplates.

Zaka iya download ko duba yanayin designed na wannan Lyricist domin tantancewa da links din dake kasa.

Animo Blogger Template

Animo shima wani template ne da muka nemo muku daga Soratemplate website kuma wannan template yakunshi abubuwa dayawa wanda duk sabon blogger sun isheshi yatsara blog dinsa dashi.

Idan kana bukatar duba ko download Animo zaka iya amfani da links dake kasa domin fahimtar yadda wannan template yake.

Duba Animo Blogger Template

Download Free Animo Blogger Template

Fashy Blogger Template

Wannan template mai suna Fashy shima designed dazaku soshi idan kuka dora akan blog dinku wannan template mu nemoshi daga Goyaabitemplates

Zaku iya Download Na wannan template ko duba designed dinsa kafin kuyi download domin  fahimtar tsarinsa da kuma yadda yake.

Duba Fashy Blogger Template

Download Fashy Free Blogger Template

Wadannan sune Blogger Templates damukayi alkawarin kawo muku da fatan zakuyi amfani dasu, Munaso muji daga gareku shin wadannan Templates sunyi muku amfani ko a a zaku iya fadan albarkacin awajen Comments.

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Thursday, 1 August 2019

August 01, 2019

Yadda Zaka Aro Airtime Alayin Airtel Batare Da Kabiya Service Fee Ba

Manyan kamfani kiran waya a Nigeria kamar MTN, Airtel, Glo, sunada wani tsari da aka sani da Borrow Airtime

Manyan kamfani kiran waya a Nigeria kamar MTN, Airtel, Glo, sunada wani tsari da aka sani da Borrow Airtime wannan tsari yana bada dama idan baka da airtime karanci kudi  da layin dakake amfani dashi daga baya idan kasaka kudi zasu janye adadin kudin daka aro, 

To saidai ba anan Gizo Yake Sakaba domin idan zaka ranci kudi alayinka dole akwai Service Fee da kamfanin zasu cire acikin kudin daka aro, Misali idan zaka ari N50 to N47.50 zaka samu N7.50 yazama Service Fee kuma idan katashi biya dole N50 zaka biya.

Wannan dalili yasa wasu suke ganin wannan tsari kamar zalunci NE wasu kuma suna ganin Service Fee din yayi yawa wato zaizama idan zaka aro N100 to N85 zaka samu N15 shine Service Fee, To idan kana aro kudi kuma kana fama da matsalar Service Fee to yau zakayi dariya sannan daga daga karshe kace Nagode HausaTechs.Com domin  yau mun nemo hanyar dazaka aro kudi A alayin Airtel batare da Service Fee ba.

Wannan hanya daza mununa iya layin Airtel take amfani wato masu amfani da Airtel sune kawai zasu iya more wannan dama, Don haka yanzu zamu nuna yadda zaku aro airtime da Airtel bada Service Fee ba. 

Yadda Ake Aro Kudi Alayin Airtel Batare Da Biyan Service Fee Ba

Idan kana aro kudi alayin Airtel to lallai kasani cewa ana amfani da *500# domin aro kudi, To amadadin kayi amfani da *500# sai kasaka *500*0# domin aro kudi alayinka idan kayi amfani da *500*0# Airtel bazai chajeka Service Fee ba wato idan karanci N50 to N50 zaka samu, Haka idan karanci N100 to N100 zaka samu idan katashi biya saika biya daidai da abin daka aro.

Note: Yakamta kasani cewa bakowane layi Airtel suke bawa aro ba sai kakai mataki sai layin yajima dasaya sannan kana saka Airtime akan kari,  Amma zaka iya sani cewa Airtel zasu baka aro ko a a idan kadanna *500*0# akan wayarka sannan kuma zakaga adadin kudin dazaka iya arowa A wannan lokaci.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

July 31, 2019

Contact Form: Yadda Zaka Bude Contact Us Page A Blogger | HausaTechs.Com

Contact Form: Yadda Zaka Bude Contact Us Page A Blogger | HausaTechs.Com

Kamar yadda muka saba cikin kawo muku yadda ake bude website a blogger cikin sauki to yau insha Allah zamu kawo muku yadda zaku bude Contact Form Da Contact Us page A blog dinku.

                  Menene Contact Us ?

Contact Us page wani shafi NE da ake  budeshi a website domin bawa masu shiga damar Kira ko tura Sako,  wato Idan masu shiga blog dinka sukayi niyyar aika maka sako   zasu shiga Contact Us page domin samun hanyar yin hakan,

Idan suka shiga zasu samu wajen saka Suna da Email Address  sannan kuma zasu rubuta sakon dasuke so su aika idan suka tura kaikuma zakaga wannan Message yashiga Gmail Da kabude Blog dinka dashi, zakuma kaga wanda yaturo maka da sunansa.

Sannan kada kumanta muna muku jagoranci akan Yadda Zaku Samu Kudi A Internet da Blogger wannan page daza mubude yana cikin page guda 4 wanda dole saidasu Google Adsense zai karbi Blog dinka.

Duba Wannan>> Yadda Zaka Bude Website Ko Blog A Blogger

         Yadda Zaka Bude Contact Us

Idan kana son bude contact us page sai kayi Sign In a Blogger.Com wato kabude shafin blogger sannan kaduba inda aka rubuta Pages Idan kashiga Pages sai kaduba inda aka rubuta New Page Kamar Dai haka:-

Idan kabi abin danace a wannan photo dake sama wato kashiga Pages sai kadanna inda aka rubuta New Page zaka wani shafi kamar haka

Idan shafin dake sama yabude maka zakaga nayi alama babba asama wato inda aka rubuta Page Tittle agurin saika rubuta Contact Us inda kuma nazagaye da aka rubuta HTML sai ka danna gurin idan kasamu wasu rubutu agurin dana rubuta Paste Code Here to kagogesu idan kuma baka samuba sai kasaka wannan Code dazan baka dake kasa Kayi Copy Dinsu Gabadaya Kasaka A Inda Na Rubuta Paste Code Here gasu Akasa.👇

Idan kayi Copy Code dake sama kasaka a inda na rubuta Paste Code Here kamar yadda nafada abaya sannan  sai kaduba gurin Settings yana gefen hagu a blogger gashi A photo dake kasa 

A wannan shafi abu 3 zakayi idan kadanna alamar Settings zaka ganta A wannan shafi daga gefen hagu sai kadanna inda aka rubuta Don't Allow kamar yadda nazagaye gurin A photo dake sama sannan sai kadanna inda aka rubuta Done sai kuma kaduba inda aka rubuta Publish shima nazagaye shi da Jar Alama shikenan kagama bude Contact US page A Blogger.

Yanzu kabude Contact Us page sai dai kuma wannan page daka bude yanzu koda antura maka sako bazai shigaba dole sai kabude Contact Form page wanda shine mahadin Contact Us page shima kuma yanzu zamu nuna yadda ake budeshi.

Yadda Zaka Hada Contact Form Da Contact Us A Blogger

Yanzu sai kadawo Blogger Homepage sai kaduba inda aka rubuta Layout sannan sai kaduba inda aka rubuta Sidebar akasan sidebar akwai inda aka rubuta Add Gadget gasu A photo

Idan kashiga Add Gadget zakaga wasu jeri dayawa acikin wadannan jerin sai kanemo inda aka rubuta Contact Form sai kadanna wannan alamar + akarshen gurin dana zagaye a photo dake kasa 

Idan kadanna alamar + zakaga wannan shafin 

Idan shafin dake sama yabude maka sai kadanna inda aka rubuta Save shima nazagaye gurin shikenan kabude Contact Form a Blogger. 

Yanzu saura mai yarage? shine yadda zaka boye Contact Form Page a blogger tunda ana bukatar Page guda 1 NE amatsayin Contact Us to dole saika boye Contact Form yadda idan aka shiga blog dinka iyakar Contact Us Page za a gani. 

Yadda Ake Boye Contact Form A Blogger

Idan Kana Homepage na blogger sai kaduba gurin da aka rubuta Layout sannan kaduba inda rubuta Theme Designer ko Template Design yadanganta da yanayin template dinka gashi a photo 

Idan kashiga Theme Designer sai kaduba gurin da aka rubuta Advanced sai kashiga gashi kamar haka:-

Idan kashiga Advanced zakaga inda nazagaye wani guri wato Add CSS sannan zakaga inda na rubuta Paste Code Here sai kasaka wannan dazan baka.

Inda na rubuta Paste Code Here sai kasaka wannan Code dake kasa gasu akasa👇

Idan kayi Copy Code dake sama sannan kayi Paste dinsu A inda nanuna A sama sai kaduba inda aka rubuta Apply To Blog sai kadanna zakaga yayi Saved na Code din daka saka sannan sai kadanna Back To Blogger zaka ganshi nazayeshi A wannan photo

Idan kana so kagwada cewa ko kaboye Contact Form zaka iya danna View Blog yanzu baza kaga Contact Form ba, tunda kaboye Contact Form yanzu saura Contact Us Page zaka iya shiga kagwada tura sako amma kayi amfani da wani Gmail banda wanda kabude blog din dashi zakaga sako yashiga Gmail dinka daka bude blog dinka dashi.

Jan hankali shine zaka iya sanya Contact Us Page aduk gurin dakake so a blog dinka amma a shawarce kasanya shi a Footer zaka iya duba Footer idan kashiga Layout sannan katafi can kasa karshen kasa nanne footer idan kana son saka Pages agurin sai kadanna Add Gadget zaka saka duk abin dakakeso. 

Iyakar darasinmu kenan akan Yadda Zaka Bude Contact Us Page A Blogger, Sai Kujira Darasi Nagaba Sannan Idan Baku Saniba Muna Da Video Training Yadda Zaka Bude Kyakkywan Blog A Blogger Daga Farko Har Matakin Yadda Zaka Samu Kudi Cikin Kwana Bakwai Zaka Iya Bude Kayataccen Blog A Blogger Zaku Iya Sayen Blogger Video Training Cikin Farashi Kankani.

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